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So yesterday afternoon the site was down for quite a while. I'm told there was "trouble with the Las Vegas data centers" - which I assume means there was some sort of Ocean's 11 type mischief going on, possibly a traumatic EMP event. I'm not sure. But if all of you guys could check around your desks for any Clooney infestations, that would be great. Thanks.


Thanks to everyone who entered! Our winners are the recently paroled JRW (AKA Johnny Walker Black, AKA Jewish Pez) and the fastidiously inimitable Rachael! I've contacted the winners by email, so if your name is also Rachael but you haven't received an email, well, too bad.

May the Boosh be with you?

Also, I steadfastly refuse to apologize for today's comic. It's wonderful and you should all print it out and affix it to your refrigerators and cubicles. Perhaps with some sort of magnet-type device.