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Happy Friday. Sorry to bring up so many traumatic memories of allergies and swelling up like the Staypuft Marshmallow Man with Wednesday's comic. So to make up for it: check it out, it's CONTEST TIME.

For those of you crackpots who might actually enjoy watching things like Old Gregg, we're able to give away two copies of The Mighty Boosh Season 3 on DVD. So, two lucky winners will win one DVD each.

But it's not jsut there for the taking! Oh no.

Answer the three trivia questions below correctly to enter the drawing. Two lucky winners will receive the DVDs. You will need to provide your mailing address. Contest ends Monday night. I will announce winners next Wednesday.

Q: What was the transvestite played by Rich Fulcher called in the episode "Eels?"

Q: What is Goth Juice (the most powerful hairspray known to man) made from?

Q: What planet is Naboo the Enigma from?

Send your answers to me . If no one gets all three right, we'll go with whoever gets closest.

Also if nobody gets today's comic, "wiki wiki" is the sound of someone scratching a record to do a live DJ remix. Like at a rave. So, uh, yeah.