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Thanks, everyone, for sticking with me through complaining about how long and dreary this winter has been. I'm sprouting a bunch of seeds for a garden that I should be able to get into the ground soon. I really should take pictures for you guys, as the seedlings are going crazy. They want to see the sun again too! It really has been a great past couple of days, comparatively.

I'll keep checking on the status of the Charles the Raver tshirts. I don't know why it's taking so long to figure this out. As they say in the South, sorry y'all.

Additionally there are some framework plans for some other sweet promo swag in likely either a one-up contest sort of deal or perhaps an ebay auction. Depending. Any of you crazy kids have ideas for contests? I love the fansigns but I also don't want people to not send in fan signs, waiting for contests. Hmm.