It was in the mid 40s yesterday. That was nice. Once again I can see my lawn. The trouble of course is that it's going down to the 20s again by the weekend, so I don't know if I'll be arsed to do anything outside. I really, really miss doing stuff outside. Sometimes when I go around to feed the critters at night I catch a glimpse of my bicycle crying, heavy-hearted from neglect. I wonder if it knows I know.

Yeah sorry for a not-great description of the Bizarre magazine thing. For the most part it's kind of like an "outsider" Maxim type mag, but since it's European they occasionally show boob. NSFW means "not safe for work" which in normal discourse means nudity, but also (and especially in this application) means gore. Really it's anything you wouldn't want to be caught reading at work. 99% of theWAREHOUSE is safe for work. The other 1% is a fun little surprise! Whee!

Well, happy Friday everyone!