Time for publicity talk! A few months ago, I entered a contest. At the time I thought it was extremely silly compared to what the direction of our comics here are, and so there'd be no chance I'd win. I think I might've been the only person to enter, then, because a week or three ago they informed me I'd won. It's for Bizarre magazine, a UK publication featuring body mods and other, well, bizarre things. Pro tip: don't search out the magazine. They regularly feature graphic photos of body scarification and other bits of unsavory gore. It's definitely NSFW.

There's not necessarily an actual prize to it, other than the fact that they put our website's URL next to the comic. Heh, the couple of times I was in Stuff magazine I got $100 for being in the letters section. But publicity is cool too! The issue just arrived in the mail yesterday. Our "free stabbing" comic was placed under a photo of a kid who put a caribiner through his nose. Woo! I can try to take a photo of the page for you later. It's relatively gross-free.

And that whole thing about the comic-con up here in the Northeast. I'm never really sure how to accept this whole "internet fame" thing. I'm just a geek who decided to start drawing some of the puns that were stuck in my head. I have no idea how I'd act at a "con" - would people come up and expect me to make a pun on the spot? Would people ask for autographed sketches of Charles the Raver? Sometimes I think about promoting the site more heavily by investing in banner ads to go on other webcomic sites, etc. All so formal. I wonder if people from highschool have googled me and saw this; and what did they think?

Anyway you main page readers may remember my oollllldd (old) article about eating 50 peeps in one hour. Well a reader just emailed me saying he was going to try to eat 50 in half an hour. You're a maaadman! Long story short, he did, and sent me a link to a bunch of photos. I'll try to update this with that link soon, or if you beat me to it you can post the link in the comments, Tony.