A while ago I had to shut down hotlinking from all of my sites. Something about the traffic requests - not the actual bandwidth(?) - was causing a problem. Now let's not even get into the fact that I have a supposedly huge amount of bandwidth; it was the number of requests that was tripping up my web host. Anyway, I had shut down hotlinking, which means you couldn't display an image that was still hosted on this site on your facebook, myspace, forum, whatever.

So anyway, it by no means meant that I didn't want you guys to share. I see tons of Fark comment threads that could benefit from a theWAREHOUSE comic or two. Heh. But for right now, for all other sites you'll have to save the comic (right click, save as) and then host it using one of the many free hosting services out there, like ImageShack.

Long story short, I'm going to reinstate hotlinking just for the Fark domain. We'll see how that works. But for other sites you have to host the comic yourself. Every once in a while I see one of our comics floating around somewhere and I always smile. The last one was a Narwhal thread somewhere. Probably Fark.

An excellent and long time reader asked if I was going to some "webcomic-con" that's happening over in Massachusetts. I am not. I think I count as something of an outsider when it comes to the "semi-pro" webcomic world. Our readership does have good numbers, but I don't know how interconnected we are - not very, I think. Most of the webcomics out there are so niche, whether it's videogames and tech, or silly anime/fantasy storylines, or what have you. There really aren't many webcomics that are just...fun weird jokes. I'm a pariah!

Anyway, happy freaking Friday, my fine feathered friends.