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I do have in everyday life quite a regular habit of noticing words that are made up of other words, for no particular reason. At its most base, I fee like little more than that old cartoon Bobby's World, wherein an adult would say something such as, hmmm, "popcorn" and then he would imagine a creepy clown popping a baloon that looked like corn. Meh. I really don't like Howie Mandel.

Contrary to that, I also get curious about the origins of words and phrases often. Last night "upside down" gave me quite a bit of consternation. It seems logical. Yes, your up side has become the down side. But isn't there a simpler way to say it? Inverted, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm in talks with a great guy - by way of a great reader - to see if we can get things accomplished in terms of Charles the Raver shirts.

In unrelated news, the Fleet Foxes album is as good as everyone has been saying it is. Good music by which to sit and stare.