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Now, not that I don't recommend reading copious amounts of theWAREHOUSE archives on a regular basis, but as of today you can read one a day and it'll take you a whole year. Of course, that would be silly because then you'd have a new year's worth of comics to read through when you're done. But, you know. You could if you wanted.

Sounds like there's a ton of interest in a real Charles shirt. Again, if anyone knows of a screenprinting shop that will do one-up tshirts with wraparound graphics, let me know. It's pretty rare - and expensive. In the mean time I recommend trying to win the Miss Brazil pageant and just wearing the sash over a blue tshirt.

Today's comic's late because I was out until 11 last night. Causing trouble, you know. Had to do it at work this morning, so that's why the line quality might be a bit different from the ones I do at home. Ramble ramble, get some work done, Carl.