Ugh. I don't wanna go to school today, mom; my stomach hurts. One of my coworkers had a "puke bug" over the weekend, and I really hope that's not what's sitting queasy with me right now. Hopefully it's just too much soy sauce on my pork+rice last night, or something.

Not to brag, because it's not singularly impressive in any quantitative light, but I haven't vomited ("blown the wild blue chunder") since, oh, 2002. That was seven years ago. I remember a time when the 2000s seemed like the somewhat distant future. Flying cars, jet packs, astronaut ice cream. Now I'm looking forward very much to the 2010s. Why? Because we can stop saying "two thousand nine" and start saying "twenty ten" - it just has such a more futuristic ring to it. Good rhythm; good flow. Like the pounding feet of a runner. Or the relentless coursing of reverse peristalsis.