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Traditionally, this might be the type of comic that I create before announcing I have some ridiculous disease yet, no, I'm just in a maudlin and introspective type of mood at the moment. Feel free to blame the season, which wouldn't be inappropriate, but I think more directly it's the lack of physical activity, exposure to the environment, and just in general moving. This is where the whole "bodies at rest tend to stay at rest" metaphor gets applied.

Do you guys know the trick to know what a preposition is, and how to avoid using them to end sentences? You take the last word of your sentence and plug it into here: "The rabbit ran ____ the hill." and if that sentence makes sense then it's a preposition and you shouldn't be using it. For example: "What did you step on?" is poorly formatted because "the rabbit ran on the hill." Now technically it's incorrect but no one really says things like "On what did you step?" So it's usually never that big of a deal anyway. I just thought the whole rabbit thing was interesting. Where's my hasenfeffer?