Now to throw this out there before anyone wonders, I chose Nebraska because - according to the current reader map - we don't have any readers there. I bet we have a couple, though, they just haven't marked it. See the dangers of not putting a little cartoon face on a giant google map? I diss your state. That's right. Watch out.

The rest of this week is supposed to be particularly frigid here. It won't be as cold as some other places, it will be colder than a lot of the states, though. Good thing we have a lot of wood to burn and a lot of food to eat. Because I don't want to spend all our money on heating and I sure as heck don't want to go out shopping. And I can probably avoid having to hit up a gas station for a couple days by using my reserve spares for the lawn mower. See, the nice thing about being prepared for this junk is that I can plan. Plan to be lazy. Warm and fed, but lazy.

And finally, I really support your support of our sponsors. Fortunately since the domain switch the ads are much more appropriately targeted. Back on the main page a lot of the ads are for warehouse storage and whatnot. At least over here they're mainly for videogames and comics.

And yes I know my comma use in today's news post is atrocious. But I'm hungry. Leave me alone unless you have stew!