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Great news everybody! This is the last theWAREHOUSE comic. For 2008 that is! OH SNAP. Anyway with the business of the Christmas season packing on I need to take a quick little break. I figure otherwise I'd just be banging them out without the appropriate care, dedication and attention that they...and you deserve. Cue the Lifetime special music.

Anyway, as always, if you get lonely, feel free to come on up and register in the forum.

Which brings up another point I wanted to let you all know about. When people register, I get an email to activate their account, but sometimes I accidentally delete those emails because they look almost exactly like the spam-prevention warnings I also get. Long story short I do manually activate the accounts and try to email the people to let them know. Either way just come back to the forum after a day or so and your account will likely be activated.