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Tiz the season. There are far too few pyrotechnics associated with the holidays, don't you think? People spend a lot of time around fires anyway. It seems like a natural progression. Too much snow on your roof? Trigger a minor avalanch with a Victory brand Christmas Wreath. It saves as many lives as it claims.

I saw a photo set last night of a guy who burned a piano. I think this is fantastic and it's something I want to do some day. Occasionally pianos get into a bad state of disrepair through use, neglect, or poor storage. There's little point in refurbishing them; they're pretty much done. But as expected many of the comments under this picture set were along the lines of "omg how sad, why would you do that!!!"...well, I'd like to burn a piano some day. A man has to have ambitions. Besides, they have really cool parts and insignia to harvest for reuse in other projects.

Below are the correct codes for the discounts. Thanks for the reader tip.

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