When good food goes bad, next on Fox. We have a can of Crisco that expired in March, I think. I should probably throw it out. Who even uses Crisco any more? The real question is whether or not this guy is just imagining the insult because of low self esteem or if the can really has some malevolent jerk-face secret agenda. Or was it planted there by an enemy?! These are the trying questions of our times.

Hey, you know what today is? It's Friday, kids! Yippee! Isn't that super-duper? Anyway I'm taking the entire next week off from work (sanity break) but my plan is to update the comics as normal. But if you come here on a M, W or F and it's not updated, you know why.

Another reminder, the Tpyo shirt is definitely available in plus and 3x sizes, per request (I saw a couple people lamenting "if only...").