Woo! I've gotta say, I'm really digging the first two panels of today's rockabilly circus. I mean comic. They could almost be a whole comic unto themselves. Yeah. Happy Wednesday, theWAREHOUSE readers!

Hey, did you catch the note from Monday's comic? I had to update it after it was originally posted. TPYO shirts are available!

Note that there's a coupon for FREE domestic GROUND SHIPPING on orders over $30. Code for US is WINTER8 and for Canada is CADWINTER8. Note that it's only orders over $30 and only for ground shipping. And only for the US and Canada. Plus who know what's going on with their international orders. One of our English regulars got a shipment just fine a while ago but recently had trouble with some unexpected custom charges. So, you know, keep track of that stuff. But I've only heard good things from every other order and we've shipped nearly 200 shirts! Have fun y'all. And as always, email me if you have any questions.