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Ah, beneath the shiny foil wrapper lies a bar of chocolatey lies. Lies designed with the intent to cover something up. To cover up what? The malty gooey nougat of greed and the peanuts of gluttony. But who are we to judge? Who amongst us hasn't bought Halloween candy with the sole purpose of eating half of it before the lil chillens come a-knocking?

Happy Halloween theWAREHOUSE! I'm dressing up insomuch as I'm wearing a black and yellow bowling shirt that I got for free from a client. So either I'm in vague Halloween colors or I'm dressed up as "Lazy Bowler #3" possibly seen in the background of the Big Lebowski. Which is fitting since the last time I dressed up it was in a bathrobe and sandals for "Laziest the Dude Ever."

Anyway, hope you ghouls and goblins have a lot of fun tonight! I don't know about you but we lucked out; it's supposed to be the warmest day of the week here! Almost mid-sixties!

Also, a second cause for mass celebration: I fixed our house's water pressure. I was getting really tired of taking showers under what felt like 20 kids spitting on me.