I was this close (holding fingers up in a fashion to incidate a fairly short distance) to trying to shoehorn a "raw toast" joke in there somewhere, but it was pretty full as it is. Did everyone have a good weekend? I did but man it's getting cold at night! Going to have to start burning witches for warmth. Hmm, I could probably make a comic out of that. Okay, everyone, forget you just read that.

Today's comic's genesis is firmly rooted in the fact that Aubrey baked bread over the weekend while I used breadcrumbs (in a terribly failed attempt to enjoy eggplant). Seriously, if eggplant was the fruit that was on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil then we'd still be in Eden, yo. And yes, I know eggplant doesn't grow on trees. Heh, eggplant plant. Are there any other plants with the word "plant" in their names?

Ugh, throw another witch on the fire, it's freezing in here!