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I was out last night eating awesome dinner with friends, and totally slacked off on Today's comic. I just drew it this morning. I really have never been able to draw guns anyway. I guess that's not a bad thing, really. Except, you know, when you want to draw a gun.

I actually woke up at 3 in the morning and, since I figured writing on paper would make noise, wrote "Hilarious but tragic: Human catapult & skeet shooting" on my hand. In the pitch dark. I assumed it would've looked like scribbles when seen in the light but it's surprisingly legible. Thus ends the most boring story ever.

I saw a couple of you guys writing in to say you didn't get Wednesday's comic. SPOILER ALERT in case this is "the future" and you're backreading through the comics. Don't read any further! It totally kills the joke of the previous comic! Yeah. Anyway. So, okay, the joke is they don't have a permit for illegal dumping! HAHA. No, really: they're the mafia, right? But they're also clowns. Clown mafia. Mafia guys put the bodies of the guys they "whack" in their trunks to drive them to a disposal site. Clown cars, on the other hand, can theoretically fit an infinite number of clowns. SO cross the two and you have an ton of dead clowns in a mafia clown trunk. So. Yeah.