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Thanks everyone for the pleasant comments on Friday. I think all in all that worked out pretty well. So, a new week. What's up with that? Ugh, I did not sleep well last night. I kept dreaming of spiders and run down apartments that looked like what people in the 1950s thought 2008 would look like. Holy run on sentence culminating in a preposition, Batman. :(

Anyway, because I'm a dink, I'm just now getting to post this. This is a fan comic sent by a reader in amongst a kickass letter for a dog tag. Click the little guy below. It actually took me a couple of reads through before I got the joke - it's...oh God I just tried to look up the specific wording of a Star Wars quote to make a joke here. Okay, I'm a nerd, I love - as Comic Book Guy said, "the four Star franchises: Wars, Trek, Gate and Search." But when one stumbles into the middle of an impassioned, heartfelt and thorough discussion on the relative merits and strength of the Dark vs. Light sides of the force? That's some powerful dork-fu right there.

Long story short, click the little guy below to read a funny comic. Thanks Kit, you're grand!