Hi everyone! Happy Hump-Day! Thanks for all the love over the weekend, y'all. We had an absolutely great trip. We were the only people at the bed & breakfast, which was unique. There was an Ike-inspired wind storm that knocked out power, which was unique. I ate more food than is actually physically possible (my stomach is a Tardis and/or bag of holding). So, yeah, it was very cool. When we got home we saw two telephone poles had been knocked over into our neighbors' yard, so that was cool too. I do hope all of you are safe and dry and happy.

I also came to the realization that there's a big difference between actively relaxing (that's not an oxymoron) and just being lazy. For example, I certainly can come home and spend the whole night doing absolutely nothing but farting around on the computer. I'm not doing anything, but neither is it relaxing! It's just being lazy and wasting time. Alternatively, if I take a little bike ride, read a book, cook a meal, work on some low-key project...I'm doing far more, but it's actually much more relaxing.

What are your favorite effective ways to relax?

Have you guys heard Manchester Orchestra's Where Have You Been? It's amazing, just like most of their songs. Also The Shackelton's Yellow Cadillac rocked my world, but that one's not on YouTube.