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Hey! Hi!

Due to popular (okay, one person) request, I've made several versions of the "I LIKE BIKE" tshirt from Wednesday's comic. Check out the "shirts and merch and stuff" in the navigation area. Just a note, the green shirt has the design on the back whereas all the others have it on the front. Email me if you'd like something switched around. OH and guess what? Now they offer tie-dyed shirts too! How cool is that? Reasonably cool.

It's Friday, and I've received a couple super-awesome letters from people included in their payments for the Charles the Raver dog tags. I didn't have a chance to photograph them though, so hopefully some time next week I'll be able to show off how freaking rad you readers are.

This weekend is my 5th Anniversary to my awesomepants ubercool wife Aubrey, and we're going to be out of town on Sunday and Monday. So I'm about 98% sure that I won't be around to do a comic update on Monday. Sorry 'bout that, but thank you for joining in our joy :)