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I'm updating the comic Tuesday night - it's like when they have a completely cooked pot roast ready and waiting in the oven during cooking shows.

I'm updating while watching a "show" on ABC called Wiepout. It's basically a ripoff of the sexcellent Japanese show Ninja Warrior, with more inane commentators. Heck, they didn't even interview the winner after he, er, won. Speaking of ineloquent. Anyway, add Wipeout to the list of shows we've stolen from other cultures, like Hole in the wall and the Office.

Now there's a screaming 63 year old guy wearing a Toucan suit. Okay. Enough of that.

Long story short, you get the comic update early if you're watching your RSS updater obsessively. You good little stalker, you.

One last note; these pharmaceutical commercials and product names have really gotten out of control. There's a bipolar-disorder-treatment drug being advertised right now called Abilify. Come on. They're really almost as bad as those parody drugs like Fuckitol and Focusin. I wish America was one of the many other countries that banned pharma commercials.

See, this is why I don't watch TV.

Although if Angeliquea Blackmon and Jessie Graff hadn't bombed out so soon...