Boy I really screwed up Monday's comic posting. Even when I had finally uploaded the comic that night I had forgotten to update the display number on the main page. Hah. Whoops. Sorry 'bout all that. Hopefully things should be a little more on track today.

Thanks to everyone who's been ordering the Charles the Raver dog tags! I'm excited to see how well you guys are enjoying it all.

Oh, and as a reader pointed out, when you hit "next" when you're on the current comic you get a 404 error. Unfortunately that's just the way of the comic setup right now. It saves me a ton of time - otherwise I'd have to go back and set up each next button from each comic once it's no longer current. But it does kind of hose with you readers a bit. Sorry.

Last word: Fresh licorice does not go well, flava-wise, with cranberry-apple juice.