Use it once and it's a Shyamalanesque twist ending. Use it twice and it's a self-referential Deus-ex-Machina. Use it three times? Well, the future remains enshrined in mystery.

Reader letter response time! Monday a reader asked for more tshirt coupons. Spreadshirt right now is doing a "back to school" sale running through August 25th: Buy TWO or more products and save 25% off your order. The codes are as follows:
SCHOOL108 (united states orders)
CADSCHOOL108 (canadian orders)

Hope that helps! I try to only mention every other sale or so because I don't want to look like I'm trying to force sweet sexy merch down your throat.

Second, a reader who runs a Spanish-language webcomic (or Portuguese?) emailed me a while ago about doing a guest comic for him. Unfortunately, hey, dude - I lost your email! Probably accidentally deleted it while clearing out spam. I did read it though and if you want to email me again we can talk about how to make something work despite the fact that my fluency in your language ends at the "crappy online translations" level.

Oh yeah, we also got a neat fan sign a while ago, and a pimp cup a while before that. Been meaning to mention those.