Around 3 o'clock this morning I thought of a better, much more obvious title for today's comic than what it currently has. Of course, I forgot what I had thought and now in morning-haze it eludes me. Any suggestions? It was one of the things that felt like "oh. yeah. of course it should be called this!"

On the other hand I did dream about an entire college class taking a trip to France to help out a chef making a new line of elegantly flavored gelatins, in huge 30' tins. I really liked the mint-lime one. Anyway, most people had very mild super powers, too. At one point I fought a ghost-pirate on a construction site. I body slammed a ghost-pig and somehow dropped the ghost-pirate down an elevator. Oh and occasionally SWAT team vans and evil transforming Ferraris were flying through conveniently placed sheets of glass, and then no one would get out of them. A librarian had an uzi.

Um. Yeah. Oh hey, there's thunder! Hope we get some rain today.

Aaaand here's the garbage truck! Spearmint! At least he shaved that baby mohawk. That thing looked silly. By the way, the wikipedia entries on mohawks, fauxhawks, and the like are extremely boring.


And yes, Mel, you're right. Saturns do kick butt!