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Last week a reader decided to lambast me for, I think, having this posting section next to the comic. It's not like anyone has to read this part, though, when they're done with the comic. The focus of the site is definitely the comic. Perhaps I'll try to curtail my rambling (or keep it up in the Forum) rather than soap-boxing out here. Anyone have any thoughts one way or another?

If it really is just a case of the page displaying weird for people, for the record, this is what it's supposed to look like:

So, to any of the few people out there who still use Internet Explorer...let me know if the page doesn't stack like that. Yes there are two google ads on the page. Sorry, but that's how we pay for bandwidth, some of the contests, and if an article needs props. You're free to use the adblocker extension in Firef-....oh.

I love all your heartfelt and crazy comments - the feedback is wonderful (I check several times between comic postings), and I really dig the community we have here. So if stuff bothers you, always go ahead and let me know. I may not want or be able to change it, but lots of where the site has gone in the last year has been in response to comments from you rad little monkeys.