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Don't worry; the two eventually befriend one another and go out for Luther Burgers together. Cello music courtesy of Yo Yo Ma plays in the background.

I split a bunch of wood last night. Fortunately it was easier than I feared but I still have lots left to split. With the cost of everything rising, especially in the fuel-economy sector, it's good to be able to get exercise while providing for a way to heat the house for free. And, you know, make s'mores.

Two kids, Ryan and, er, Walter? Wally? Something with a W. The brothers go exploring while their parents watch a youth soccer game. Ryan is clearly the leader, maybe a year older than the other and more physically fit. They tromp around up to a short dropoff covered in large thistle plants. Inevitably the Leader pokes himself on a plant. "Shit....crap." he mutters, despite being only about 9 years old. The remainder of their time on the hill is filled with Ryan convincing the other boy and their 4-ish-year-old brother to collect rocks for him to throw at the offensive plants. Eventually the other boy says, "Ryan, I don't want to throw rocks at stupid old plants," several times. He wants to watch their sister play soccer. Finally he just walks off and the Leader, realizing he isn't much of a leader at all, stomps dejectedly after him, mullet swaying like a horse tail.

That's what happened around me last night as I biked out to a nearby park to read a book at dusk. Two kids, completely different personalities. One aggressive and vindictive, the other observant and accomodating.

I was going to bike in to work this morning but I'm sore from chopping. Bummer.