Sometimes breakfast gets a little out of control.

What a gorgeous morning it is out here in cool-and-sunny New York. I'm sure soon it will turn grossly hot and sticky again but for right now it's just amazing. Didn't want to get out of bed (urrgghhh cozy) but here I am. At least it's a lovely morning. Howdy y'all.

You know, I'm pretty constantly tempted to create an animated gif that mimics the act of a JPG drawdown as it loads. Maybe it would pause halfway down just frustrating people or maybe it's just animated to play like that and it looks completely normal. What's the point? I can't really imagine one other than being a putz. This probably goes a long way to keep me from actually doing it.

Did you know that Thai food is one of the leading causes of joy for people who really really like Thai food? Yes, I had some penaeng fish over the weekend. Why you be axin'?

Well the pimp chalices are on their way out to our two winners and we're back to our regularly schedule program. Thanks to all of you sexy werewolves of London out there. I'm not promising anything, but do you have any requests for the next contest? Whether it be for the prizes or for what the contest itself it. I'm just curious. We won't be having one for a little bit - I don't want to be that place that tries to rely on gimmicks to retain readers. I just like giving stuff away to you chillens!