Alright chicks and dudes, here's the balance of the contest submissions! Click 'em to read 'em in a normal size. It was great to see everyone's interpretation of theWAREHOUSE universe. There was a lot of win in there and it was one of those cases where I wish I could've given out more prizes. But you know theWAREHOUSE - there'll always be a contest coming down the pipe eventually. So keep your eyes out!

Don't forget to check out Awesome Deals 911 who made this contest happen! They've very cool people with super cool products. Lots of fun to check them out.

It's been really nice taking a week off, but come Monday we'll resume our regularly scheduled program. Thanks everyone for your support, contributions, comments, and bananas. You all help to make this such an awesomepants community.

Oh and don't forget to tell your friends about theWAREHOUSE! I love it when new people show up here.