So they just sent a big orange truck down the side of my road, followed by a white pickup full of cones with a guy sitting in the back. The orange truck sounded like a whistlinng tea kettle - at 7 in the morning. What were they doing? Spraying new white lines on the side of the road. Why would they do that before most people leave for work? Am I going to smear it and mess up the road when I pull out of the driveway this morning? Why couldn't they wait until 8:15 - are they really that biz-zay? Hey, I think we have a new garbage man again.

What's up with people registering for our sexy scratch-n-sniff forum (it smells like apples, you just have to scratch your monitor to do it, hence a low rate of apple-sniffing) but never actually logging in? We've got a bunch of users with zero posts but I know they're real people - I've put in some great antispam mods. Oh well. Any real people (or even lawyers) want to come up and visit?

I should have anticipated this. The street painter just came back the other way. I leapt up, grabbing my camera, and ran outside barefoot in the wet needs-to-be-mowed grass. Good thing I was already wearing pants. Check it yo:

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