Hey, we won our first volleyball game last night. Woo! And I also realized that at a restraunt I frequent regularly they have a dish called the Parmalicious. So I ordered it as a "Parmalicious-Def" after the spasmodically newsworthy Fergie. I enjoyed the pun, but only one person at the table acknowledged it - with a chuckle! - and so I thought I'd trot it out here for you to enjoy too.

What kind of spiders are in your home/area? We have ones with little fatty bodies and looong super thin legs. I've seen a couple little wolf spiders in the yard, though. I figured theWAREHOUSE community is world-spanning enough that there are some interesting creepy-crawlies out there.

Haha, parmalicious-def.

Happy Father's Day weekend, guys! You should probably have enough free time to enter the PIMP CUP contest :)

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