Today's comic is a little inspired by this old one, and a little by that old Dave Berry piece about how to choose a urinal location. Yeahhh...this is the stuff that they don't teach you in school. I'm here for you.

Some pretty awesome thunderstorms ran through the area yesterday. Our office lost power, which was fun for a little while. Nice light show!

We also got a few sweet comic submissions, so if you want a chance at the Pimp Cups (they are pretty freaking nice!) then you'd better get drawing! I've received at least one hand-drawn one and a couple computer drawn ones. Anything works!

Make a Fan Comic and Enter to WIN!
This contest is open only to readers who are of legal drinking age in their areas.

I've only one submission so far! I guess you're all taking time to draw and scan your comic. That's fine but don't wait until the last minute! Your comic could be displayed as part of a Fan Week later on!

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Make a theWAREHOUSE comic! Use any graphic program or photograph a hand drawn one! Here's a blank strip if it helps. Email your masterpiece

The deadline is the last day of June.