Oh yeah, a few days ago I completed getting the entire archive of comics up. That's nearly 300 for you to poke through so have at it! If I boned anything up, just email me. Thanks guys!

In case anyone really doesn't know where today's comic came from, this should help out. I find it wonderful that there are so many of those clips on the YouTube. It seems the lyrics change with almost every edition of that particular segment, so there's no particular "right way".

Hey, have you thought about sending in a fan comic to win a Pimp Cup? You should! They're totally sweet and really large too. In the picture below you can see a "normal" wine glass to the left. The one to the right is even bigger than that; a wine goblet, if you will. These Pimp Cups are awesomely huge!

theWAREHOUSE Pimp Cup Comic Contest!

This contest is open only to readers who are of legal drinking age in their areas.

Win one of two sweet pimp cups! These guys are real glass, heavy, and large. We have one of each to give away; a "guy" cup and a "girl" cup.

These awesome prizes have been donated by AwesomeDeals911 (a great site for tons of branded and custom stuff).

How to enter: Making a theWAREHOUSE comic! Use any graphic program available or scan in a hand drawn one! If it helps, download an optional blank comic strip, create your masterpiece, and email it to

I and a select panel of experts will be choosing the two winners. Ideally we'll have one boy and one girl. I reserve the right to use the sent in comics for a "fan week" sometime in the future if I'm going on vacation or sick. It will be truly great to be able to show off your work.

The deadline is the last day of June.