That was a mildly chaotic little weekend right there. How was yours? The first three panels of the comic today are taken directly from real life. Because if you catch 'em all they form into Mowertron and your yard levels up, like, four levels of verdantness.

theWAREHOUSE Pimp Cup Comic Contest!

This contest is open only to readers who are of legal drinking age in their areas.

Hey guys and gals, want to win one of two sweet pimp cups? These guys are real glass, heavy, and large. Nobody will doubt your true pimpness or crunkosity when you're rolling with one of these in your hand. We have one of each to give away; a "guy" cup and a "girl" cup - because ladies is pimps too.

These awesome prizes have been donated by the sweet AwesomeDeals911 (a great site for tons of branded and custom stuff).

How to enter: You're going to be making a theWAREHOUSE comic! What, you? Yes, you! Use any graphic program available (there are several free ones like Gimp) and/or show off your own MS Paint skills. Download this blank comic strip, create your masterpiece, and email it to me .

You've been reading theWAREHOUSE for a while, so you know our fun style. Come up with a great comic of your own and win that Pimp Cup of your dreams! I and a select panel of experts will be choosing the two winners. Ideally we'll have one boy and one girl, so if your name could work either way, let me know which one's for you.

Deadline will be some time in the future. Hmm. Maybe the end of June? Is that too much time? We'll see; but don't delay!