First a reminder about the 20% off coupon codes for theWAREHOUSE shirt purchases (mens items over $20): For US purchases use DAD1, for Canadian purchases use CADDAD1. Then you'll be set to trip the light fandango.

Remember that pimp cup contest that I said would be kicking off this week? PSYCH! Anyway, due to a slight shipping miscalculation the contest should actually get running next week some time. In completely unrelated news, this movie poster is fantastic.

Maybe I should start ending my posts like the always inspirational Tycho at the marvelously ubiquitous Penny Arcade. Of course, the problem would arise as soon as you all realize it's mostly Steely Dan with the occasional sprinkling of other 70s rockers. Running through my playlist; Neil Young, the Who, Fleetwood Mac, the BoDeans, America and Joni Mitchell.

The things that pass for knowledge
I can't understand