Okay, so I really have no great explanation/excuse for today's comic. Do you ever just get one little weird idea in your head and just have to actually go with it to satisfy the curiosity of its existence? Yeah, that's what today is. We brought our canoe out to the bay the other day and there were a ton of birds; canadian geese, ducks, swans, redwing blackbirds, sparrows and one close encounter with a heron. Anyway, today's comic features swallows. But I was amazed at all of the sounds they were making and started randomly and very specifically to think of "bilingual" birds. Not even the kind that imitates another bird call (I can go "auh-haw-haw" in a great French accent) but if, say, a bird actually spoke another species' language. Anyway...overexplanation for the win.

Take note of the new feature bar directly underneath the comics and above the ad bar; it brings over the features that were still missing from the old site. Let me know if I've missed anything (besides that pesky random comic button - I know, I know). And yeah, I do still have to get the previous 200 comics up. One thing at a time, unfortunately.

Last night I dreamt that I got a free delivery of firewood and precious gemstones. At my parents' house.

update: Spreadshirt - the company through which theWAREHOUSE shirts are sold - is having a "Father's Day Sale". What does this mean for you? Let's say you don't want to get your dad a "don't do it" kiwi shirt. That's fine. But the crux of the deal is this: 20% OFF all men's products (min $20 purchase, shipping not included) with this coupon code: DAD3/CADDAD3. The promotion ends June 9th.

UPDATE 2: I just got an email from Spreadshirt with updated coupon codes. I don't know if the DAD3 and CADDAD3 don't work, but the ones in the email I just received say: (US purchases) DAD1 / (Canadian purchases) CADDAD1

So, between the two of those, you should ought to be able to get the discounts you're after. I honestly don't know if they work for international orders.