Hey apparently a few people had trouble making the switch with us to this new page! So make sure to ask your friends "so, did you see the sexy new theWAREHOUSE comic today?" - and of course a big thank you for all of you who are sharing us with your friends already!

Personally, I prefer the spelling "psych!" for the phrase, but it seems a slight majority of randomly trolling the internet prefers "sike!" - what did you prefer, back in school in the 90s when what you just said needed to be negated?

Craigslist is pretty awesome. Between that and Freecycle, boy have I gotten a lot of free stuff. Okay, not a lot, but enough to make it worth my while to check on the free pages twice a day. A while ago I called up a tree removal service which was looking for local places to drop off wood and wood chips. Since I have landscaping and a fireplace, uhhh, yeah, sign me up! Yesterday they dropped off their first load. No wood, but check this out:

Err, I'll upload the picture when I get to work. Sorry. I haven't technically taken it yet. I'm such a tease.