I have a bit of a teaser announcement today! You guys all know the Make Your Own Pimp Cup article, right? Well sometime soon (possibly next week) we'll be running a contest here to win one of two pimp cups! That's all, you know, official and stuff. A note so as not to get your hopes up: this contest will only be open to smelly old boring geezers: whatever the legal drinking age is in your country. So that means 21 if you're American or Indonesian, 18 if you're Canadian or Guatemalan, 16 if you're Kenyan, 15 if you're from Cyprus...etc.

The prizes are being generously donated by the fine folks at (insert link here when you get to work so you don't screw up the address...harrr!). They are pretty pimptastic! More news later, of course. But in the nice time, check 'em out. That sounds so much better than "in the mean time" doesn't it?