Heyo! Thanks a ton for the comments on the new layout. I do absolutely have to add the links back in for the RSS feed and the map page and other things; I'll get to those ASAP. And I'll probably be shifting a couple other things around a bit too as we all settle in over here. This is a big change for me too, on the administration end of this page in addition to you guys reading the comic here. All the code is new and scary (actually I specifically made it as streamlined as possible, but still...).

Another note to mention is that there's another new mainpage article, so feel free to check that out when you're finished here, but be warned that it might be a little gross. On the plus side, there are limericks.

I drew today's comic on Saturday morning. Of course last night Fox plays a Family Guy episode with the mer-man in it. Doze bastids. Heh.

Last night I dreamt that the Terminator was chasing me. Any time he got really close and I couldn't get away, the dream would reboot and I'd go through it again a little differently. It was really stressful.