So I tried mowing my lawn in a series of ever tightening concentric circles yesterday. The purpose of this was to make easier the raking up of grass trimmings to add to my compost bin. The effect, however, is that I'm pretty sure my lawn looks like a series of spiral triskelions from any low passing airplanes. That or boobies. It's awfully inefficient in terms of time invested, effort and actual coverage - a series of circles cannot cover the surface of a square without either overlap or missing areas. But it does help yield a lot of trimmings to easily rake up. So...anyone want to chip in for one of those fancy rich people mowers that deposits the trimmings in a bag?

Sorry. Aside from the word boobies that was probably really boring.

Oh right, I remember. In case you don't know what a garbage plate is: it's a Rochester-centric culinary delight based on the following: home fries, macaroni salad, cheeseburger, mustard, and greasy greasy hot sauce. In a big pile. There are many variations and you can read more here, but that's the gist of it. Wonderful stuff, really.