Happy Friday! Today's Lebowskiriffic comic comes with a prequel. Or whatever it was I had decided to call them. comic 257 pre is right at that link back there previous to these words, why are you still reading?

In the continuing epic of the digital television converter box, new fares poorly. In fact I'm downright frustrated. I picked up the powered antenna, after it not being in stock twice, and tried it out. It did certainly help with the VHF channels. But the one channel we really, really want to get back - PBS - is completely unaffected by this thing.

Apparently with regular television if the picture's just a little fuzzy or the audio's just a little off you can watch the station just fine but with DTV if the signal's off a little you can't watch it at all. Oh and if you're planning on getting one of the converter boxes, you will need one of the powered antennas, at least. Radio Shack offers a 20% discount to antennas purchased at the same time as the converter boxes - they didn't explain to me, however, how important one would be, so I didn't get one at the time.

All I wan to do is watch PBS. Is that so much to ask?

But on the much more positive side we did receive a new fansign (macaroni!) and some new pimp cups!