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Seriously, don't do it. Man, bird gonna mess you up.

So I got a digital converter box because our TV's one of the ones that will "go dark" when they do the switch over. See, we hardly watch any television, so until I actually need a new TV there's no way I'm going to go out and buy a brand new HDTV just because I'm supposed to. Got my stupid little converter box with the coupon from the gubbermint. $25 to continue watching television. Hoo-ah.

I plugged it in and now I can't get my local PBS station. Or NBC.

Way to go, technology.

So I guess now I need to go buy a signal amplifier (~$40) so that the stations which used to come in fine will...come in again.

I miss you Masterpiece Theater! Daddy's coming. I'll be back soon baby.