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Well that brings Hand-Drawn-Week to a close. Hope you enjoyed it! Have you been telling your friends and leaving theWAREHOUSE graffiti on storefronts? Good child *pat pat*. Heh. Actually it was a nice break but it will also be nice to be going back to the slicker, more professional looking digital comics.

I was listening to the song "Ooh La La" by the Faces the other day, but I didn't know who it was at the time. It's the song that goes "wish...that...I knew what I know now. When I was younger!" etc. Anyway, I thought to myself, dang this sounds like Rod Stewart. I try so hard to not like his music. But then I found out it was this band called the Faces and I was relieved. But upon further listening I realize there's no way this can't be Stewart. Wikipedia tells me that he was the front man. Dang.

Our current garbage man has a mohawk. It's a new mohawk, though.

Later Additions:

It appears that I don't mind Rod Stewart as much when he was part of other bands, such as the Faces and the Jeff Beck Group. So, let that mild bit of music snobbery be what it is and check out these two songs. The first one is the aforementioned "Ooh La La" and the other is "Shape of Things" by the Jeff Beck Group.

one two

And also, here is my new garbage man

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