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I can't wait to get out of work today, as one of my plans for the weekend involves playing with fire. Another involves playing with ice, so...it's like I'm not really accomplishing anything, but it's going to take a lot of work to do omggarbagetruck!spearmint!

There's a new mainpage article about bacon popcorn up. Mmm bacon. And Mmmm popcorn. Results are surprisingly mediocre, but do beg further testing.

Nerd talk time! On my Mac at work, I use Fetch. It's great because once I've connected to a site, the connection is always made to be open. An hour later I can drag a file up onto the program and it will immediately start to upload. But here at home on my PC I'm using WS_FTP95 LE. The connection only stays open/active for several minutes, and sometimes it's a real pain as it's resistant to shutting down and opening the connection again. Is there a program like Fetch for the PC that will maintain an open connection, that I can just drag a file over into, with such an exceedingly simple interface? I don't know why the majority of PC FTP programs are pointlessly complicated (cute FTP, etc).

A secondary question, perhaps more geeky, is that does Fetch actually maintain an open connection the entire time, or does it actually time out after a while, and then reconnect when I "reactivate" it by dragging a file on? I don't know. I wonder if a constantly open connection would be a security risk on a PC.