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So it turns out that when I want to make purchases in stressful environments, I usually shut down mentally and just leave. On the other hand, when I have to make purchases in stressful environments, I just tend to make really idiotic decisions. Like buying packages in which to ship the Best Fan Sign Ever Contest prizes...during tax week. When everyone and their grandmother is at the post office; which has decided to not mark the price of a single package on their shelves. And every package is either significantly too large or a little too small.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure everyone will get their prizes. Just try not to laugh too hard at me when these arrive in the mail. Oh, and I tried to take them out to ship yesterday (4/15, tax day), saw another line right up to the door, and turned around and went home. They should be going out today.

We have had winners from all over the world! One each in Sweden, Norway, Australia, the UK, two in Canada, and I think the rest from the US. I love that theWAREHOUSE is reaching such a wide audience. Thank you for sharing us with your friends!

We're pretty special here