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We have a winner in theWAREHOUSE Best Ever Fan Sign Contest and it's a ninja! She has claimed victory out of a field of 24 competitors, including the second place and also awesome pirate-esque fan sign prompting me to wonder if this is conclusive proof that ninjas are in fact better than pirates. Anyway, this secretive and deadly wonder has won the grand prize pack of the pink boxing gloves, the kung fu rubber duckie, the karate bobble-head picture frame, and perhaps most importantly the pair of Charles the Raver black metal dog tags!

Once again, view all the awesome competitors here! I'll add them to the regular fan sign section as soon as I can.

The fifteen top people behind her will win the followup prize packs. And actually since there was a tie for fifteenth place we'll give both "only needs one glove" and "agony of da feet" a prize pack, because theWAREHOUSE is a benevolent contest runner. We had a total of 758 votes, which I think is not bad - of course I was hoping for 31,337 - but maybe for the next contest, whatever it shall be.


This has been seriously great! Thanks for all your help and feedback in turning this into such a success. I hope to be emailing all the winners some time throughout the day today or tomorrow, and getting your prizes in the mail within the next week.