Happy Happy Good Friday everyone! I was sitting here setting up the morning comic and I tipped my head, as my neck's pretty much constantly sore. I happened to be sitting directly under one of our greatroom's skylights. In the early morning light the hazy clouds dusted a pink gradient across a gentle blue, all framed by the dark rectangle. I looked up right as a giant flock of birds was swooping lazily through in a careening and circling pattern. Here, I took a picture for you. I've started to get a couple fan signs! Exciting, huh? But plenty of room for more - like yours! If I'm sitting around with a bunch of prize packs left over I'm going to have to, well, I don't know. Something.

Remember, a photo of you, "I love theWAREHOUSE", no photoshop text:

Send your pic here:

theWAREHOUSE Best Ever Fan Sign Contest!

How to Enter:

  • Write "I LOVE theWAREHOUSE!" on your body or a sign.
  • Send a rad picture to

Grand Prize pack (only one)

  • 2 Charles the Raver black metal Dog Tags!
  • 1 Pair of Pink Boxing Gloves
  • 1 Kung Fu Rubber Duckie
  • 1 Bobblehead Picture Frame

Runner-Up prize packs (fifteen of 'em!)

  • Charles the Raver black metal Dog Tag
  • giant foam hand & little tiny foam hand

Deadline is April 1st!!

All prizes donated by the Awristocrat and Martial Arts Pride.

See pictures of everything here.