Another fun way we mess with the calendar is moving holidays around. Forget Daylight Savings Time. Since we put celebration days whenever we want them in the first place, it's a fairly easy deal to move 'em around whenever it suits. Like St. Patrick's Day. Technically it's Monday, right? Which is a dumb time for a day marked by partying; most everyone's going to be celebrating on Saturday anyway. That's when Rochester, NY is having their parade. What about you? Anyway the Catholic church in many areas(?) is moving the day to today to avoid conflicts with Easter, since this is the first year since 1940 that they've been during the same week. Weird.

Some people find it a big effort to even put on a green tshirt the day of; some people wear facepaint and carry around shillelaghs (thanks google spelling suggestions) and club you if you don't drink warm Guinness. What's your level of insanity? And futhermore, when are you celebrating?

Oh, just a note; there's a big announcement going on Monday so stay tuned and tell your friends! It's going to be pretty freaking sweet.

Oh! Garbage truck just pulled up!