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I love homemade jams and jellies but really don't use them often; I'm not really a fan of sweet things on bread. I am, however, a fan of pectin gels and translucent semisolids. Although my mom does make an apple butter that's out of this world. Actually she makes a seedless blackberry jam that rocks the freakin' casbah, too.

I seem to bring the plague of bad puns (is there any other kind? no) with me wherever I go. Thankfully it's appreciated at work and home and groaningly, begrudingly tolerated amongst friends. I get death threats on a regular basis in the forum because of my puns. Good times. Speaking of which, I still get a kick out of Monday's "War and Pizza" comic title. Am I allowed to do that? Good.

Did you catch all of the symbolism of the messed up order? The Pizza Nemesis wasn't just randomly screwing it up. Olives were for the olive branch of peace, chicken wings were calling him a chicken, and French bread is calling him - as Mr Burns puts it - a "cheese eating surrender monkey." So it wasn't just a boned up pizza order, it was an insulting "last word" in their hawks vs. doves minidebate about the two books. Ooh haha.