You're not missing anything if you haven't read the book, by the way. There's no insider information that you're missing out on by not having read it. But I do recommend it. It's a novel, literally, about the need for universal pacification of the human race in the face of unending war. Unsurprisingly, another of Haldeman's excellent novels, Forever War, is much more popular. The two books are not related.

I hope everyone remembered to "spring forward" for Daylight Savings Time. Was it ending or beginning this time around the wheel? Well, this means it's a bit darker in the mornings again, and apparently it'll be languish lighter later. Alliteration always amuses. I wonder; do we have any readers in the many areas that don't observe DST, and do you just shake your heads at us? This whole thing seems like such a waste of time (hah!) to me.

I heard a little Joni Mitchell on the radio the other day. Why didn't you guys tell me?